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Lonely Mother Convinces Son To Impregnate Her

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Description: Keeping A Piece Of You - Nathan Bronson, Sovereign Syre: Lonely Mother Wants Step-Son To Impregnate Her To Father More Offspring Diana insists that she doesn't want to date and that raising Joshua was the most important thing in her life. She expresses how she'll miss him when he goes to college, and that she has an idea on how to make the transition easier. Diana leads Joshua back to his bedroom where they can talk. Diana admits that she wants Joshua to impregnate her, believing that it'll help keep Joshua close. Joshua is shocked and reluctant, refusing. Diana breaks down, begging him for his help and guilt-tripping him. Does he WANT to break his mother's heart?? Joshua is stopped in his tracks by this argument, seemingly torn between logic and family obligation. Diana latches onto this moment of weakness, tearfully telling him that she won't ever tell anyone it's HIS, if he doesn't want anyone to know. She knows guys his age are a bit young for so much responsibility... Joshua is torn but he clearly cares about how distressed Diana is. Finally, he slowly agrees that he will give her what she wants as long as it stays between them. He just wants her to be happy and he hates seeing her like this. Diana wants to keep a piece of Joshua, but how much is she REALLY going to take from him?
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