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Blackmailed Mom's Anal Offering - Julia De Lucia

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Description: When Julia De Lucia comes home with a lot of presents for her stepson and the family, he gets real suspicious. He blackmails his mom and grabs her by her throat, telling her that she has to fuck him every day if she doesn't want his dad to know about the strange behaviour. The next day he ambushes his mom in the kitchen while she was cooking and fucks her on the countertop while she resists softly, scared that her husband/his father will walk in on them. He makes his mom blow a banana and do lewd things while he gropes her tits. The day after he ambushes her again and throat fucks her while she was bending over backwards on a yoga ball. Tired of all the blackmail she stands up for herself and offers him her butt hole and tells her this is the last time they're going to fuck. He freeuses her under the table while he types his next novel, flustered mom asks him if he wants to lick her pussy but he goes straight for the ass and ass fucks his mom's tight asshole in the doggy style, and then rides him on the couch till he nuts inside her.
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